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5 ways you can stay active this Winter

5 ways you can stay active this Winter

If you want to avoid going into full on hibernation mode this winter follow my 5 top tips to stay active this Winter

I completely agree that winter is the hardest time to get motivated. It’s cold and dark outside and boy does a cosy night in front of Netflix sound inviting. Whilst turning into a couch potato is so tempting it really does nothing for your figure. Winter doesn’t last forever, so why not see January as the perfect time to take your lives in your hands and get fit. Here’s 5 tips on how you can stay active and feeling good this Winter.

Join a walking group

If you don’t feel you can stick to a exercise regime on your own why not join a walking group? By joining a group you’ll feel more motivated to succeed as not going will mean you not only let yourself down but your walking group too. If you can’t find any groups to join you could always rope your friends and family in to starting a walking group.

5 ways you can stay active this Winter exercise class

Sign up for a exercise class

If the gym is not your thing why not sign up to an exercise class. You’re bound to find something you enjoy with activities including Zumba, kickboxing, karate, pole dancing, adult gymnastics and lots more. Work to your strengths and challenge yourself to try something you’ve never done before. You’ll be able to stay active without feeling like it’s hard work.

Create your own gym

If you’re still a bit skint after Christmas and can’t really afford exercise classes, you can create your own mini gym in your house. You will need a space to exercise in and a place to put some gym apparatus like an exercise ball, weights, resistance bands and upper workout bars. You don’t need to spend lots of money and can get all this equipment for under £100.00 on Amazon!

5 ways you can stay active this Winter climb stairs

Climb your stairs

You know when you race up the stairs you feel like you’ve run a marathon? Running up the stairs can be great cardio as you physically have to lift your body up every step. This will get your heart racing and certainly burn off all those calories you consumed at Christmas!

Go swimming

Swimming is a fantastic way to stay active as it works your whole body – especially your legs, abdomen, shoulders and arms. It’s great for losing weight and building muscle and you can burn around 500 calories a hour!

5 ways to stay active this winter