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5 side hustle ideas you can do at home with no experience

5 side hustle ideas you can do at home with no experience

Make a bit of extra money on the side with no prior experience with my collection of 5 super doable side hustle ideas

With Christmas coming up you may be worrying about how you’re going to afford presents for all your family. No matter how careful you are Christmas can be expensive and that means your bank balance ends up looking pretty stretched. It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom though, there are plenty of ways to earn extra money that don’t involve taking up a evening job. The invention of the internet was an amazing thing in so many ways including being able to reach others all over the world at a click of a button. Here’s 5 side hustle ideas which you can do at home with pretty much no experience required.


Blogging can be done anywhere in the world as long as you have access to an internet connection. It can be incredibly lucrative and successful bloggers can earn thousands of pounds each year. It will take a little while to earn money as you establish yourself but once you have a good audience base on your mailing list and social networks you will start to notice you will be approached by brands / agencies to discuss collaboration offers. You can also take advantage of affiliate marketing.

Blogspot is a great free place to start and Pipdig offers gorgeous templates at great prices. I recommend having at least 10 posts before you publish your blog and start promoting yourself. The best social networks to join initially are Facebook and Twitter. Facebook has amazing blogging sharing communities where you can promote your posts whilst twitter has chats where it’s super easy to engage and meet other bloggers. Pinterest is also a good way of getting traffic to your blog, use Canva to create your pins so they’re more eye catching which will mean more clicks. For more tutorials The Money Shed has some fabulous free guides on everything from seo to making your site secure.

If you’re a creative person you’ll find blogging thoroughly enjoyable and look back in a few months thinking this is one of the best side hustle ideas you’ve seen.

5 side hustle ideas you can do at home with no experience surveys


Whilst many people see surveys as a waste of time, they can actually be a great money maker, especially if you join the right survey panels. I recommend the best 10 surveys panels to get started, not forgetting the highly lucrative Prolific panel. You can earn cash rewards through PayPal or vouchers for top high street stores like New Look or Dorothy Perkins.

Another good way to earn money are through focus groups. Focus groups are often done in small groups at a central venue, most are held in big cities like London and Manchester. Nowadays they are holding more and more groups online so you don’t need to pay any travel costs. They can be a great way to earn money and often pay from £50-£150 depending on the time taken and what’s involved. Some great sites to join include:

People 4 U

They will send you a email every day with available groups and you fill in a few details to see if you’re suitable. If you are they’ll give you a call to get you booked on. Bear in mind they don’t like you doing more than about 1 group every 6 months.

This is one of the best side hustle ideas and so easy to start making a bit of extra money.

Mystery shopping

Did you know there are shops, restaurants and hotels out there that want to pay you just for trying out their products/services? Mystery shopping is essentially trying out a service incognito to see whether they’re upholding the required levels of customer service. You are normally given a scenario and told exactly what to ask and assess service and response times. Depending on the kind of mystery shop you’re doing the reports may be more complex and require a lot more questions, for a example a hotel stay. Panels you can join include:

When you sign up you may be asked to do a sample report or questions (unpaid) before you can do your first shop. They don’t take long however and you’ll soon be ready to go!

5 side hustle ideas you can do at home with no experience crafting


Are you good at making things? Whether you’re a dab hand at soap making, make gorgeous handmade cards or personalised photo frames, the craft market is huge and could earn you a decent income if you get lots of orders. You can start a business page on Facebook and start a little ad to get interest, or set up sites on Etsy, Folksy or even selling on EBay. The main downside is the initial outlay, try making a few sample products to see if you get interest before spending hundreds on stock.


Freelancing is similar to crafting but requires no initial outlay. If you have a skill you could market, i.e. you’re good at accounting, web design or writing you can sell your skills online on sites like People Per Hour. Have a look to see what prices other people charge for what you plan to freelance in and price yourself accordingly.

I hope these side hustle ideas help you get started with making a bit of extra cash. If you have any cash leave a comment or send me a email.

5 side hustles you can do at home