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5 brow mistakes you’re making and how to avoid them

5 brow mistakes you’re making and how to avoid them

The focus on beautiful brows has literally exploded since Cara Delevingne hit the headlines with her dramatic full brows. With the industry now worth £20 million, women feel there is an element of pressure to have the perfect brows. If you can’t afford to regularly go to the salon you have to maintain your own and sometimes you may make mistakes that affect your appearance.

Over plucking

If you pluck your brows so much you’re only left with skinny barely there arches you’re probably over doing it. Over plucking does not look at all natural and can look very harsh leaving you looking a lot older than you are. It’s best to get your eyebrows shaped initially in a salon and then just pluck the stray hairs that grow through later on. If you have gone overboard you can always resort to your trusty eyebrow pencil to get you through till they grow back.

Arches too high?

High arches can make your eyes look a lot smaller and should be avoided at all costs. You should aim to keep the end of your brow long with a slight arch.

Tadpoles should remain in the pond

Have you ever gone for brows that are thick on one end and super slim on the other – a little like a tadpole? Irregular brows will leave your face looking unbalanced and will draw people’s attention to that part of your face. Not the best look. You should ensure that the thickness of your brows are consistent and tailor it to suit your eyebrow shape.

Creating full brows where you don’t need it

The front of your brow is meant to be soft and fuzzy and gradually graduate into denser hair. Whilst you may want to achieve a fuller brow, overfilling the front of your brow will not give you the natural look you want to achieve.

Avoid going too dark

Naturally brows are one shade lighter than your hair and the right brow colour is essential for framing your face. When choosing a brow colour avoid going too dark as your brows will make you stand out for all the wrong reasons.

5 tips on how to avoid those classic brow mistakes