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5 super simple spring cleaning tips to get your blog ready for the New Year

5 easy tips to spring clean your blog 1

Want to improve your DA and blog traffic this year? Simply follow my five simple blog spring cleaning tips

A new year is the perfect time to evaluate your blog – to see what is working and what you need to review. The position of your blog on Google is extremely important and if you monetise your website, it can mean the difference between scoring that sponsored post or not. So what do you need to do to spring clean your blog? In my latest article I’ll tell you the top 5 spring cleaning tips you should consider when it comes to maintaining your blog and how it can benefit you.

Remove dead links

Don’t you hate that annoying little 504 page not found you stumble upon sometimes? Well imagine if your site was full of them – I imagine you would be pretty annoyed if everything you clicked on went to a dead end. Broken links can be incredibly frustrating and can give your viewers the impression that you don’t maintain your site on a regular basis. Google in some respects is the same and broken links can affect how successful your SEO is which can impact your page ranking (where you appear on google for your keywords). It’s very simple to identify broken links but it can be time consuming, especially if you have a large website. On WordPress there’s a plug-in called Broken Link Checker which will go through all your pages and advise what links are broken. If you’re on Blogspot you can use a website like Broken Link Check which will confirm any broken links. If you want to change a live page simply use the redirection plugin on WordPress. If you don’t use WordPress you can download the .htaccess file (you will need access to FTP) to edit the URL. if you don’t have a .htaccessfile you can make your own using a txt document. You can find more info on how to change this here

Update plugins

Plugins are fantastic little tools that help you do everything from redirecting links to monitoring traffic to your site. Plugins however can be vulnerable and updates are released in order to remove bugs or security vulnerabilities which may have a effect on your site if god forbid it was hacked. Make sure you update your plugins regularly to avoid a hacker getting into your website.

5 easy tips to spring clean your blog update your theme

Update your theme

If you visited a site that was pretty and colourful then set upon one that was dark and hard to navigate which site would you stay on longer? It would be site one right? Colourful well laid out sites are much more popular as content is easy to find and much more attractive to look at. If you want to monetise your site a modern contemporary template can do wonders for the image you represent to any potential client. Pipdig have a fantastic collection of website templates which are suitable for both Blogspot and WordPress. If you don’t want to install the template yourself they can even install it for you.

Add affiliate links into old posts

If you’ve been blogging for a while you may have hundreds of posts that may not feature any affiliate links. Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way of earning money on your blog and the great thing is the sky’s the limit in regards to how much you can earn. You may have a number of popular posts where you can link to certain products that will start to earn you money. why not review your old posts and see which ones you can monetise.

Review your subscription list

Your subscription list is one of the most important tools for your site as it contains links to people who’ve enjoyed your content and want to come back for more. It’s important to maintain your subscription list to ensure you’re only sending newsletters to people who actively view your content. If they regularly ignore or delete your emails without reading them they’re not really worth sending to in the first place.

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5 blog spring cleaning tips