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4 ways to keep your wardrobe looking fabulous

4 ways to keep your wardrobe looking fabulous

We all have that perfect dress or top that we love so much we want to preserve it forever and ever. As careful as we try often life can get in the way of pristine clothing in the form of a red wine stain or even biro. So is there anything you can do to stop life destroying your wardrobe? Here’s 4 simple tips will help your wardrobe look fabulous until your next shopping splurge.

Restore patent leather
Have you got horrible scuff marks on your favourite shoes? Grab a cotton bud and non-acetone nail varnish remover and gently buff the scuff out. You can even user window cleaner to add a bit of shine.

Fasten bracelets with ease
Nothing frustrates me more than a bracelet that slips off every time you try to do it up. Simply use a paper clip shaped into a S to slip into the eye of the fastener which will help to steady it. You’ll then be able to fasten it using your other hand.

Avoid getting a electric shock from static
Those little static jolts can sure make me jump. To avoid it run a wire coat hanger over your clothing before you get dressed. This will pick up the spare electrons which causes the static.

Remove biro marks from your clothing
Where the washing machine fails your hairspray will prevail. Biro ink may not be water soluble but it is alcohol soluble so your hairspray will remove the mark in no time. Once the mark has gone chuck it in the wash and it’ll be as good as new.