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20 fun activities that won’t cost you a penny

20 fun activities that don't cost a penny

Fed up of days out being so expensive? I’ve found 20 fun activities so you can enjoy yourself without putting your hand in your pocket

This weekend me and my mum hit the big smoke to have a day out at London Dungeon, Namco Arcade and finally a evening dining a la carte at Marco Pierre’s restaurant. A fantastic day out with lots of fun but it set me back around £200 in total. Don’t worry I’m not that extravagant the meal was part of a package (the other half was two tickets to The Shard). The point I’m trying to raise is that having a good time can often cost us so much money. Is it really possible to have fun when you spend literally no money? Well I’m about to reveal 20 fun activities where I reveal how that’s possible.

Play some board games

If you’re feeling up to the challenge a few games of monopoly, scrabble or trivial pursuit will have you scrambling to declare who is the real champion in your family or friendship group.

Have a campfire

Gathering around a warm campfire on a cosy autumn night is a great way to catch up on gossip and tell ghost stories. You can even cook sausages and indulge on gooey marshmallows.

Try out all the free fun attractions in London

Whilst you will have to pay for a ticket once you get there you’ll find lots of free attractions and fun activities to do in London. A great fun packed day out!

Go through old photos

Sometimes it’s fun to take a trip down memory lane and look at photos from yesteryear. You can laugh at old fashions and reminisce on places you went with your family and friends in the past.

20 ways to have fun without spending a penny read a book

Read a good book

There’s nothing better then getting engrossed in a good book. You know the one where the story is so good you have to keep turning the pages till you get to the end. Haven’t got any books? If you really don’t have any books to read there’s always the library.

See your friends

They say talk is cheap but it certainly makes you feel great when you can have a catch up with friends. You don’t need to do anything, a night in front of the telly is a great way to reconnect.

Rearrange your furniture

Want to refresh your feng shui? The cheapest way of getting a new house without paying a penny is to rearrange your furniture. You’ll discover things you may have forgotten about years ago and you’ll have a fresh new look to enjoy.

Clear out your wardrobe

When was the last time you went through your wardrobe and had a clear out? If you’ve not worn it for at least 6 months it’s time to give it away to charity or make a bit of money by selling it online. You’ll feel great knowing your wardrobe only has clothes you truly love in it. This is one of the fun activities that can benefit both you and your favourite charities.

20 ways to have fun without spending a penny have a bath

Have a bath

Why not get the bath running, the suds piling high and sit back and relax letting your worries soak away. Whilst you’re there a quick defuzzing session will make slipping into your bed that might feel even more luxurious.

Listen to music

There’s something quite enjoyable about getting lost to the music. Whether your a fan of pop, dance, rnb or grunge we’ve all got our own favourite tunes that help us reach our happy place. The radio is a great way of discovering new music.

Adult colouring in books

Whilst technically you do have to buy the books in the first place, they’re pretty cheap and once you’ve got it you have lots of pretty pictures to colour in. A great cheap way of forgetting about your worries and really focusing on getting your picture to look just right.

Check what’s free around you

Wherever you live there are often completely free fun activities available for you to enjoy. Check your local what’s on magazine / website to see what you can find.

Have a movie marathon

Grab all the DVDs/ Blu rays you have in your house, invite your friends round and have a really fun movie night.

Have a laugh a day

If you want something to brighten up your inbox then you’ll definitely want to subscribe to Buzzfeed Horror Story a Day daily newsletter. They send out daily updates on things like the world’s worst horror stories, sex mistakes and lots more. If you’ve ever wanted to feel good about your life these are a must read.

20 ways to have fun without spending a penny play a mobile game

Play a game on your phone

Have you ever have a look in the app or Play store to see just how many free games there are at your fingertips? There’s so many different types of games be it simulation, arcade or sport and you’ll be able to while away hours without paying a penny.

Have a cup of tea and biscuits

Who doesn’t enjoy a boiling hot cup of tea with some crunchy biscuits to eat go alongside it. The perfect way to have a bit of me time.

Get a free makeover

If you’re a makeup lover you can have fun trying out new looks at your local department store. Lots of makeup brands are more than happy to give you a free makeover to try out products you’ve not used before. Don’t forget to ask for free samples at the end!

Take a chill out day

Do you find you’re always on your feet chasing your tail? Sometimes it’s fun just to take a breather and have a day where you don’t do anything. Why not book a day where you can dedicate every waking hour to slob on the settee all day. You deserve it.

Have a boogie

Exercise is great for the body and the soul but it can be pretty monotonous if you normally stick to the gym. Dancing is a fantastic way of getting your body moving without the repetition of running on a treadmill or pressing weights. You don’t even need to pay for class fees, simply find a dance tutorial video on YouTube and get dancing!

Go for a walk

It doesn’t have to be a hike or a two mile round trip, a simple stroll through the park will do. You’ll enjoy the fresh air, the sun (if it’s out) and nature. It’s a great way of getting a small amount of exercise whilst getting your body the vital vitamins it desires.

Whether it’s playing games on your phone or having a boogie in your bedroom there’s plenty of fun activities that will keep you busy and your bank account healthy.

20 ways to have fun without spending a penny