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10 ways to destress

10 ways to destress

Often life can tick along just fine then something that can happen that can change everything. Whether you’re understaffed at work or your cars broken down it’s so easy for minor stress levels to escalate and become a major issue. Long term stress can have a detrimental effect on your physical and mental health. If left untreated it can lead to  digestive problems, weight fluctuation, heart disease, depression and other problems. If you feel you’re stress levels are too high here’s 10 useful tips that will help you get things back on the straight and narrow.

Identify what makes you stress
Before you can work towards resolving your stress levels you need to identify what causes it in the first place. Write a list when you identify that you’re starting to feel worked up and see what caused it and your reaction.

Don’t forget to exercise
Exercising is fantastic for helping you to take your mind off things and learn to relax. If you exercise a lot you’ll generally feel a lot healthier and this will help you to feel more energised and able to cope with lifes stresses. You don’t need to be the next Mo Farrah, simply moving your body every day is enough.

Find your inner peace
If you’ve ever met someone who regularly meditates you probably noticed how at peace they are. Meditation is a great tool for counteracting stress and releasing any negativity. It helps by releasing stress and reversing your fight or flight response – which least be honest you don’t really need anymore.

Eat your greens
Your mum wanted you to eat lots of fruit and vegetables for a good reason – it gives you the right level of energy to tackle whatever life might throw at you. Whilst everyone is different and has different nutritional requirements, you should plan your diet according to your body type. Some of the best stress busting foods include turkey, green vegetables, oatmeal and yoghurt amongst others.

Take a holiday
No matter how busy you all you should always make time to take a break – go on holiday – simply get away from life’s stresses. It doesn’t matter whether you can only afford Butlins, anything is better than hiding away at home.

Learn to appreciate life more
When you feel satisfied that life is going okay you generally feel happier and more able to face what life throws at you. If you learn to be thankful for what you have including your family, house, pets etc you can build on your happiness and improve your overall emotional well being. This in turn will help to reduce your stress levels as you focus on other things.

Get some ZzZ
People who don’t get enough sleep are extremely cranky and unhappy. Sleep is your body’s time to regenerate and if you aren’t getting enough of it your body will start to feel the pressure. Make your bedroom your zone out room, so eliminate any TVs, phones or other distractions – including ensuring you have a good mattress and pillow to get the best quality sleep you can have.

Keep smiling
Even if you don’t feel like it try smiling and see how it makes you feel. Perhap even a fake smile will start to fool your mind into finding that happy place.

Plan your day out
If your schedule is jam packed with meetings, work, lunch dates with friends, dance classes and more you’re probably struggling to find the time to do each task without rushing. Too much on your plate can lead to stress especially if you’re always jumping from point a to point b. If you know you’ve got to get to work for 9am then make sure you leave more time then you need so if you get stuck in traffic you won’t feel so stressed.

Is your life full of ‘I should do this’, and ‘I should do that’? If it is do you actually want to do any of them? Whilst some things are a necessity not everything you put on your to do list is. Instead of saying ‘should I work extra hours at work to complete my daily tasks’ think what can I change in my day to complete things without having to work overtime.

If you work these tips into your daily routine you should be able to combat any major worries that are starting to affect your body and mental health.