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10 tips on how to remove mascara properly

10 tips on how to remove your mascara properly

Mascara is amazing at accentuating your lashes and framing your eyes. Whether you prefer your lashes curled, volumised or with a dramatic false lash effect, it’s important to consider how you will be taking your mascara off at the end of the night. Your eyelashes are very delicate and can easily fall out if not treated carefully. Whilst removing mascara may seem endless it’s vital to avoid your lashes becoming brittle and breaking. Here’s some of the best tips on removing your mascara properly.

Wet them with water first

Water is great at helping the mascara to break down allowing you to remove it easier when you follow it with a makeup remover.

Use a cotton pad

When removing mascara never use cotton wool – it will shed everywhere and leave you cursing the day someone decided to invent it. Use a 100% cotton pad that will not shed and will allow you to get close to your eye without worrying about leaving fibres in it.

Choose the right makeup remover

You’ll want to choose a makeup remover that contains two parts – a cleanser to remove mascara and other makeup in addition to water which will help cleanse your skin. Make sure you use a makeup remover designed specifically for eyes as facial cleansers may be stronger and contain chemicals that irritate thinner skin. Never use products containing alcohol or fragrance as they can dry out the skin leaving it dehydrated and irritated, especially considering the thin delicate nature of the skin around your eyes.

Let the mascara dissolve

Apply the makeup remover to the cotton pad and allow it to soak in. Press this gently against your lashes to allow the product to start breaking down the mascara making it a lot easier to remove. You’ll want to avoid tugging on your lashes as much as possible as this is what causes them to fall out.

Wipe in the direction of your lashes

The best way to tackle removing your mascara is to start from your inner eye (the smallest lashes) and working your way out towards the longer ones near the edge of your eye. Don’t rub the mascara off in a circle or up and down motion as that won’t remove it, your lashes will simply be pulled around.

Have a gentle touch

Whilst you may be tired and keen to get into bed try not to rush taking off your mascara. As mentioned earlier the skin around your eyes is so thin and sensitive it can be easily irritated. Avoid rubbing too hard to prevent irritation, damaged blood vessels and collagen which can lead to premature wrinkles and fine lines.

Keep your eyes closed

To avoid the chemicals in the makeup remover potentially irritating your eyes make sure you keep your eyes closed when removing it.

Finish with a makeup wipe

Once you’ve removed the majority of your mascara you may have traces of black still left around your eyes. Use a makeup wipe to remove any residue and follow this with a oil based cleanser to remove any dirt that may have soaked into your skin.

Don’t forget to moisturise

After you’ve removed your mascara and cleansed you may have inadvertently removed vital oils that your skin needs to stay hydrated. Use a cream designed especially for the eye – ideally with retinol – to prevent fine lines developing and to encourage collagen to be produced.

Whatever you do never remove mascara with your fingers. It’s not exactly hygienic and is likely to end up in you pulling your lashes out.

how to remove mascara without damaging your lashes