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10 things making me happy right now

10 things making me happy right now

With the weather getting warmer, the longer days and the thought of upcoming holidays there’s lots of reasons to be happy this June. Here’s 10 of my top reasons to be happy.

My cat Tara

My cat Tara is always making me laugh with her silly ways. Whether it’s rolling on her back and attacking you when you touch her belly or zooming around the house like she’s got a rocket up her arse. You won’t get a cat like her! See what she’s been up to over the last few months in my funny cat video.

Discovering fun new apps

I recently found out about these live quiz apps HQ and Cash Show and I’m hopelessly addicted. They have several shows each day giving you the chance to win money for free! What could be better!?

Going to Efteling

I’ve been wanting to go to Efteling for 3 years and 2018 is finally the year I got to go. It’s a real magical fairyland and I’m so excited I got the chance to experience it at last.

10 things making me happy right now sainsburys peach and nectarine yoghurt

Sainsbury’s low fat fabulously fruity peach and nectarine yoghurt

I discovered this randomly on a shopping trip one time and now I have to buy one every time I go to Sainsbury’s. The yoghurt has a delectable tasty twang and the peach and nectarine work so well together. It has real pieces of fruit too (it’s also low fat in case you’re on a diet)!

The longer days

After a very long winter the days are finally getting longer and I can get home in the daylight. I also get to enjoy the lovely sunshine and warm days too.

Bates Motel

If you’re a fan and you haven’t watched the fifth series yet watch out as i’m going to be giving a major spoiler alert. After the fourth series when Norma got killed I thought that had to be it as the series revolved around Norma and Norman’s relationship. Imagine my surprise when I found new episodes on Netflix the other week. In this series Norman imagines that Norma is still alive but faked her suicide. Only he can see her and to the outside world Norma is dead. Dylan comes back and the series comes to a dramatic end between the two brothers. A fitting end to the series although I’m not sure how that now fits in with Psycho considering it was intended to be a prequel.


After months of Sienna being stalked by a mysterious hooded person their identity finally got revealed. It was of course Nico, Sienna’s daughter, who was supposed to have died in a fire at Halloween two years ago. It was pretty far fetched but I loved the drama and how the writers tricked you into thinking Sienna was dead!

10 things making me happy right now unexpected sweets

Unexpected sweets

I love it when you order something and get a few free sweet treats that you weren’t expecting. It makes the order that little bit more exciting. I recently got treated to free drumsticks, fruit salads and blackjacks after receiving a order from Giftsonline4u.  Yummy.

Guerlain Mon Guerlain

This is my first perfume from Guerlain and it smells amazing. Every time I spray it on I smile as I know I smell fab.

My new phone case

I’ve had a iPhone 6+ for years and as it was so big there were no pretty phone cases suitable for it. I got a iPhone 8 on December which is a lot smaller and got my first case after several years on Sunday. It had a glittery case with pink hearts and the quote ‘always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn’.

10 things making me happy right now