Your Dreams Explained With Adjustamatic

dream meanings

Dreams are funny things – they can be completely out of this world or they can seem very personal with yourself, friends and family taking centre place. Dreams are almost an extension of your self conscious and you can tell a lot about what may be important to you when you fall asleep.

I’m a pretty heavy sleeper and have no trouble getting to sleep (one of the lucky ones I guess!) I don’t always dream that often but when I do, normally if I have things on my mind, it can get quite interesting. I don’t know about you but when I’ve had a crazy dream it becomes vivid in my mind and I can remember it even years later. When I was younger I remember dreams like driving a bus (odd I know) down an ever narrowing bridge and driving off the edge. The bus rushed towards the water and I could see it rushing towards me but of course I woke up before it hit the waves.

Another time I was in my old school and went to the toilets. For some reason the toilet doors had been removed and replaced with a tiny door that barely covered any modesty. I felt so embarrassed in the dream but nature calls! They say that dreams can often signify something you’re worrying about in real life and do not directly correlate with what you’re dreaming about. For example the dream about falling suggests I was worried about something big happening whilst the toilet dream meant I was probably very anxious about revealing something about myself in some way. I think it’s important that we take note when we remember interesting dreams as it could be significant to your life and may suggest there are things in the background worrying you that you should take control of. When you go to bed leave a note pad readily available so when you wake up after having a significant dream you can note it all down. Memories disappear very quickly after waking so by doing this you’ll note down all the essential details. If you start to note a pattern appearing then it may be worthwhile reviewing what’s going on in life, what’s worrying you and how it can be improved.

Kids have wonderful inquisitive minds and whilst they probably won’t look as deep into their dreams as you or me they can certainly have a laugh about it. Adjustamatic have teamed up with world leading dream expert Ian Wallace to help us understand what’s going on in our heads when we dream. In a unique YouTube series the first chapter delves deep into the wild world of children’s dreams. Check out the video below so you can see the funny antics they came out with!

If only I could have Ian Wallace on speed dial every time I have a crazy dream!

Have you had any dreams that made you think twice? Let me know your craziest ones in the comments!