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Win prizes with Snatch the prize winning app

snatch app the app that gives you prizes

As you all know I simply can’t resist a competition, so when I heard about Snatch, the new prize focused app I was intrigued. Snatch works on the same premise of Pokemon, the only difference is instead of catching creatures you catch parcels. Parcels are hidden all over the country and you will get alerted when one is nearby. When the parcel is in your  vicinity your camera will pop up and you focus the diamond on the parcel to ‘catch it’.

As well as finding your own parcels you can ‘snatch’ them from people near you. I tend to snatch more parcels then I catch as I’m pretty lazy. It’s very easy to snatch, you simply click on the username of the person and click snatch. Each snatch costs £25 game pounds and it takes around 3 minutes for it to enter your inventory. Whilst you’re in the process of snatching the parcel the opponent has the opportunity to defend your attack.

snatch app how to get parcels

Be aware once you have a parcel it’s not safe until it’s been secured down. It normally takes around  6 hours for a parcel to be secured but that doesn’t really apply to parcels you’ve stolen off other people. In the time before it’s secure people can snatch it off you, but you can defend the attack. You can defend in two ways-deploying the smoke screen which makes you invisible for 15 minutes or using the vest which only protects one parcel for 15 minutes. The smoke screen is a little bit more expensive at £75 game pounds but it’s very effective.

snatch app weapons

If you’re out for the day and you don’t want to keep checking your phone you can check out the tools and superweapons. The tent will allow you to stay safe from people as long as you stay within 200m of your original location whilst the invisibility cloak will give you complete invisibility at any location for 60 minutes. If your phones about to die you can buy the emergency battery giving you protection for 30 minutes so you can keep your parcels safe whilst charging your phone. Finally the radar will increase your collection distance by 500m to allow you to grab even more parcels. The superweapons are a little more difficult to obtain as you need a lot of diamonds to get them. The supermassive black hole costs 500 diamonds and allows you to steal up to 50 parcels from anyone who comes into range. The tornado costs 400 diamonds and lets you take 30 parcels into your inventory.

The game rewards you for your loyalty and if you sign in regularly for 3 days straight you will be given weapons and a free parcel. You get a treat each consecutive day that you log in.

snatch app prizes on offer

Prizes are quite varied with everything from Now TV entertainment passes, Nando vouchers, Asos vouchers, cash and lots more. They have even just released 7x£700 cash parcels. In the short time I’ve been playing I’ve already won two 2 month Now Tv entertainment passes and a £10.00 Nandos voucher. Snatch HQ are incredibly quick at dispatching prizes and I received my Nandos voucher within 1 days of emailing them of my win.

Like any app you can buy currency to steal more parcels/defend them etc but it does cost real money.

I’m loving Snatch at the moment it’s so easy to use, fun and it works!

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If you sign up let me know how you get on!


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