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Why you should visit the Waldorf Hilton

When I’m visiting London there’s nothing better than knowing there’s a nice comfortable hotel at the end of it where I can throw my bags down and relax for the night. Waldorf Hilton situated in theatreland is my ideal of a dream hotel. The 5* exquisite lodgings have a indoor pool, Grand Salon restaurant, Homage private bar that offers afternoon tea and Godfrey’s bar where you can sip a cocktail or two.

why you should visit waldorf hilton

The London Eye is an amazing way of seeing the city at its best, and I’ve yet to experience the amazing wonders it has to offer. Situated just minutes from The Waldorf I see no better opportunity then to book a ticket and embark on a journey to the heavens. Whilst I must admit I’m quite a wimp when it comes to rides I’m hoping this 443ft tall ferris wheel won’t have me clinging onto the sides.

London Dungeon is my next stop and just a few tube rides away. The attraction is so fun I always come back and find something new in place. History really comes alive in the torture chambers, plague ridden streets, the mystery of Sweeney Todd’s barber shop, the deep dark street of Jack the Ripper’s Whitechapel and so much more. If none of that is going to scare me, perhaps the plunge on the Drop Ride to Doom will leave me hanging?…

I’m quite a glamorous lady and I love musicals. My first ever was The Lion King which simply took me aback with the amazing singing and dancing which really made the show come to life. When I’m staying at the Waldorf there’ll be no taking it easy at night for me; I’ll be sipping a Sex on the Beach before heading out to see Wicked or the equally amazing Stomp.

Whilst London may be on my doorstep (almost) the big smoke is a city of fun and fascination that I come back to again and again.