Who has the fairest gold eyeshadow of them all?

I love a bit of glam, and nothing speaks glamour more then a gold eyeshadow!

I’ve decided to put 4 gold shaded eyeshadows to the test, to see who’s the pick of the bunch. In the running are Collection 2000 in Bedazzled, Maybelline in Gold Diamonds, Rimmel in Royal Gold and Collection 2000 in Gold Digger.


The shade test

Collection 2000 Bedazzled
Collection 2000 in Bedazzled is the most glittery of the four. It comes in a small little tub with a screw top lid and a protective inner container to keep the glitter inside. I have however removed the inner container as it was so impossible to get the eyeshadow out!

The eyeshadow applies easily and gives a gorgeous bright gold effect that is instantly noticeable as soon as someone sees you. In other words it’s a real compliment machine!

The only real downside is that as it is glitter it may end up all down your face if you’re not careful.

Maybelline Gold Diamonds
Maybelline in Gold Diamonds is a really subtle gold that looks like a dull beige in the packaging. It comes with a handy brush to apply and the effect is very matte and fine. On application I found the colour to be a very light shimmery gold that seems to play with the light and give a multicoloured tone.

The only real downside to this eyeshadow is that the colour is quite faint and it does take a lot of applications to make it more visible. Even after several layers you’re still only going to get a light effect, so it’s perfect for casual days.

 Rimmel Royal Gold
Rimmel in Royal Gold on the surface appears very similar to Maybelline Gold Diamonds. Both eyes shadows are matte and appear almost beige in the packaging. The eyeshadow comes with a very handy brush for application and I found that you only need one or two layers for the colour to become more apparant.

The end result is a shimmery gold that looks quite solid and tends to be one of the more longer lasting ones.

 Collection 2000 Gold Digger
Collection 2000 in Gold Digger is another matte eyeshadow that appears a dark gold colour on first appearance. It comes in simple plain packaging with cute little pink bubbles on the surface. Even though it’s another Collection 2000 its apperance is completely different to Bedazzled.

The eyeshadow doesn’t come with a brush but is easily enough applied with your fingers. The colour is surprisingly very similar to Rimmel’s Royal Gold, even though the colour shades couldn’t seem more different in the packaging. The shadow is very matte and has a light gold glimmer to it.

On testing of each shadow it appears that despite how they might look in the packaging, they are actually very different when applied. Three of the eyeshadows, Maybelline’s Gold Diamonds, Rimmel Royal Gold and Collection 2000 Gold Digger all come out very similar shades whilst Collection 2000’s Bedazzled is a really bright intense glittery shade. Only you can decide what shade you like best but for me it’s Bedazzled all the way.