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Use Celebrity favourite White Glo Professional to whiten your teeth

Get a whiter smile the easy way with White Glo Professional Extra Strength Whitening toothpaste

White Glo Professional Extra Strength Whitening toothpaste is the first choice for film stars and models.

Voted the most effective No.1 whitening toothpaste, the product has fluoride protection against cavities and low abrasion so it’s safe for daily use. It has an effective whitening formula that according to statistics really works.

Developed in Australia this premium fluoride enriched toothpaste offers maximum oral care hygiene. The extra strength formula lightens discoloration which can be caused by foods and drinks.

This fantastic pack comes with a White Glo Anti-Stain toothbrush that is extra condensed with high quality US Du-Clean bristles to polish teeth surfaces effectively without abrasion. The White Glo Dental Flosser toothpicks help to clear food particles from in between your teeth effectively and without damaging the gum like you can with typical toothpicks.

white glo professional extra strength toothpaste review

The toothpaste has a pleasant mint taste and foams up really well for a good clean. The tooth brush wasn’t very kind to my gums and felt quite rough when I was brushing. I didn’t notice a instant whitening effect but my teeth looked very shiny and polished.

Get yours for £3.99 on Amazon 

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*This was sent to me as a sample to test

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