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What’s on my bedside table

Bit of a random post today but I’m sure it will satisfy the curiosity in you. So I rarely let you into how I have my bedroom (mostly because it’s a bit of a mess) but today I want to share what’s on my bedside table.

My bedside table is pretty neat and doesn’t have much on it apart from a few photos that I value dearly. I love photos and have so many I have run out of room for frames.

On the front left is a picture of me and my mum taken on a trip I won to Berlin, the middle photo is a old photo of me and my friends before a night out (I can’t even remember what year it was!) and on the front right is a photo of me and my cousin on our holiday to Costa Brava last year.

On the back right I have a lovely photo from a glamorous photoshoot I won in 2010. The dress was beautiful but far too big and was pinned at the back!  The photo on the back left is me and a friend in a pub many years ago (I was probably 18 at the time). I love flowers but they do take a lot of maintenance so I have opted for a lovely fake green flower. In my opinion it looks pretty genuine!

I have a diamante clock that unfortunately has stopped working for now as the batteries probably need changing. There is also a light and a couple of earrings scattered around.

My bedside table is all about keeping precious memories close to me and I love looking at the photos. What do you keep on your bedside table? I’d love to know!