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W7 Carnival Dust Eyeshadow: The Fuchsia Thistle Sparkle

W7 are a range of makeup that can only normally be found online on sites like Amazon but have a large selection of facial makeup available like eyeshadows, mascara etc.

The Carnival Dust range are similar to Barry M eyeshadows in which they contain a small pot of glitter that gives a sparkly glam look. Today I tried The Fuchsia Thistle Sparkle in 22 which is a lilac colour that comes out almost light pink on application.

The eyeshadow gives off a really fresh pretty look that would really suit a Spring/Summer’s day with summer inspired makeup and does draw a small amount of attention to your eyes. The colour isn’t as strong as some eyeshadows so it would perhaps be more suited to be worn with a strong lipstick or lipgloss.

The products are pretty cheap and tend to stay on most of the day although you will get a small amount of glitter under your eyes due to the nature of the product. Overall I give the eyeshadow 3/5.