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VO5 Create A New Style Challenge

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Having the same hair style day after day can get you down so when I had the chance to glam up my do with VO5 I jumped at the chance!

Naturally my hair is quite flat and lacks volume so for my chosen hairstyle I wanted to go for a voluptulous, volumised do with free flowing waves. To achieve this I decided to go for a quiff which would give me amazing volume on the front of my hair and ringlets to give the lengths some movement.

VO5 have a fantastic range of products that are designed to create a large range of hair styles, including adding volume, defining layers or protecting the hair from heat damage.

VO5 Give Me Texture Instant Oomph powder (Superdrug price £4.05) is a white powder that is used on the roots to build up volume. The bottle is quite small but you only need to use a little bit of powder at a time. I rubbed the powder in after applying and it disappeared almost immediately so there was no need to worry about people thinking I had dandruff!

The powder did make my hair look like it had more life almost instantly but it did leave quite a grimy feel on my hair which wasn’t that pleasant.


VO5 Plump it Up Dry Backcomb Spray (Superdrug price £3.69) is a spray designed to take the work out of backcombing your hair. I noticed there was definitely a lift in my hair after spraying Plump It Up on which gives the perfect foundation for backcombing the front of my hair into a quiff. Whilst the product does say there is less need for backcombing, I felt for the ultimate lift I would use a comb to give my hair a little more life.


With the front of my hair backcombed and full of volume I inserted a volume insert near the back of my head and secured the front of my hair over it. With the quiff achieved it was time to give the length of my hair some life with some feminine ringlets.


I used GHDs to add curls to my hair and slowly went down each plane of hair to achieve soft, loose curls.


VO5 Smoothly Does It Heat Protect Serum (Superdrug Price £4.05) is a dual use product that can be used on wet or dry hair. As I finished curling my hair I wanted to add extra shine which would really finish my look. I applied VO5 Smoothly does it serum to the sides of my hair and the quiff where I wanted the most shine.

The serum initally looks quite wet on applying but dries to a smooth finish. I did notice however the serum didn’t really leave much of a shine on my hair.


Once I had achieved the look I was going for I wanted to make sure it would last as long as I wanted it to. VO5 Strong Hold Hairspray (Superdrug price £3.05) has 5 vital benefits including:

The hairspray dried quickly but did leave some of my hair feeling a little bit crispy (never a good thing). I love how the spray is strong yet still has protection from the weather so my hair isn’t destroyed with the onset of rain.

Each of the VO5 products I used had their own merits and were efficeint in helping me create my super volumised style. With a great fragrance they don’t leave your hair smelling funny and give you the tools you need to make your hair go from drab to glam.