Veet aim to change perceptions with the release of their Precision Beauty Styler


veet precision beauty styler launch event

veet precision pop up storeIf you were to view the contents of any woman’s makeup bag you’ll probably find several mascaras, a few foundations, eyeliners, blushers, highlighters and eyeshadow. What you probably won’t find however is a eyebrow trimmer.

You’ve probably had a quick look in your own makeup bag and realised how true this is. So why the aversion against brow trimmers? Namely they are perceived as harsh and likely to cut.

Veet are trying to change this perception with the launch of their brand new Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler. At a pop up shop in Bateman street, London they showcased it for the first time.

To launch the Beauty Styler Veet teamed up with the beauty brand High Definition. The pop up had makeup artists from the brand showcasing the trimmer at the front whilst a little chill out and relax area was further back.

veet precision pop up storeI was a bit late arriving as I was coming from Kent and had to work all day so everything was winding down when I arrived. I had a lovely demonstration of the trimmer with one of the talented makeup artists who shaped my brows before trimming any excess. Even though the Beauty Styler is made of metal and looks sharp as soon as you touch it you see exactly how gentle it is. I did feel the Beauty Styler when she used it but it certainly wasn’t painful.

Here’s how it works
veet precision beauty styler

  • It has two changeable heads with three different trimming options; one head for the face, one for eyebrow shaping and one specifically for trimming your bikini line.
  • The blades are rounded but they have no direct contact with the skin so there’s no fear of it cutting you
  • The Styler includes two combs so you can trim to your desired length.
  • It comes with a styling cap, cleaning brush and a beauty pouch for each styling and travelling.

cupcakes veet eventThe makeup artist recommended filling in your brows before using the tool just to make sure you have the right shape. I loved the finish and her advice that a arch will really lift my brow couldn’t have been more accurate!

The Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler is a great tool and will certainly take away the stigma that is attached to eyebrow trimmers.

In addition to the main event there were cupcakes, fresh juice and smoothies as well as canapes. I loved how idyllic the relaxation area was with little trees, Jo Malone candles burning and even faux grass.

I went away with a lovely little goodie bag which includes the new trimmer.

The Beauty Styler is £23.99 and you can get it from Boots and all other major UK retailers and online stores.

before and after veet precision beauty styler