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Update your wardrobe on a budget with apps like SHEIN

learn how to update your wardrobe on a budget
When it nears the end of the month and your bank balance is starting to look pretty low it can be hard to find spare money to treat yourself. Monthly bills like gas, electric and rent are unfortunately part and parcel of life and can pretty much zap your income. Whilst you may not have as many spare funds as you’d like you can still treat yourself on a budget with the clothing apps like SHEIN that source clothing from China. Whilst you may think China automatically equals cheap and tacky that is not always the case. Here’s my list of the best clothing apps for girls on a budget.

how to update your wardrobe on a budget wish shein


Wish is pretty much your one stop shop for anything whether that’s clothing, shoes, jewellery, makeup, homeware and more. The items are really cheap with prices ranging between £1.00 for a ring to £33.00 for a smartphone. Some of the items are imitations of designer brands although for the price you can pretty much guarantee they’re not genuine. I recently bought a massive jewellery haul and I was pretty impressed with the pieces I got, they all looked really good quality and they’re pretty too. The only downside is the postage can get really expensive especially if you’re buying lots of items. I also wouldn’t recommend the makeup as it smells a little odd.

learn how to update your wardrobe on a budget shein


This is one of my favourite apps for updating my wardrobe. There’s a huge selection of items to choose from like tops, dresses, blazers, jewellery and more. Items are updated daily. Prices range from £3.00 to £37.99, although generally prices are always on the lower end of the scale. The pieces are really unique and quite unlike items you see in high street stores or on eBay (they actually look like their picture!). You can put items on your basket and leave them there for as long as you like without your basket being emptied. There are regular discount codes and sales. Delivery costs are pretty decent and you only pay one amount.

learn how to update your wardrobe on a budget romwe


This is quite a varied clothing app but a little bit more basic than SHEIN. Categories range from clothing, bags, jewellery, home and living. I would say Romwe is more of a broad app with the items it offers and I really like some of their tops and dresses. Prices again are pretty cheap from around £4.31 for a top to £35.44 for a long ball gown. Like Wish you can get some really fun random gadgets like a egg slicer, wall stickers, cushions and salad covers. Whilst you may not think you need them they’re a good way off adding a few homely touches to your house or streamlining daily tasks. If you’re like me and love to add items to your basket one day then add to it another you probably won’t get on with Romwe. After a couple of days they empty your basket and all your carefully curated items disappear. Romwe have regular sales and you can get $5 discount as a new member.

update your wardrobe on a budget wanelo


If you’re more of a designer fan then Wanelo is the app for you. It sells very good copies of brands like Michael Kors,
Nike, Gucci, Adidas, Converse and more. Whilst the products aren’t dirt cheap they are pretty good value if you like a knock off. At the price they sell at you can pretty much guarantee they’re not real. I’ve not bought anything myself but reading the reviews I can see people are really impressed. They have regular sales but I can’t see any discount codes.

All apps are free and available in the App Store.

how to update your wardrobe on a budget