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Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide

All the work you put into a perfectly made-up face will do no good if you’re applying all that makeup with the wrong type of brush. That’s because the right brush matched with the right product makes your job easier and better, too.

Take your lips: Applying different types of lipstick can be tricky. But a lip brush—long, soft bristles, tapered—helps in both application and mixing different colors. But a lipstick brush wouldn’t be suitable for eye shadow; for that, you need an eye shadow brush. Those soft, beveled-edge bristles help eye colors go on more smoothly, meaning that your eyes look less “made up” and more enhanced and beautiful.


Makeup brushes can be expensive, but they’re worth it. However, you’ll lose your investment if you don’t take care of them properly. That cleaning routine doesn’t take very long and involves a quick clean using supplies you probably have on hand.


Want to learn more on a better makeup brush routine? Use this helpful graphic.


Brush Up on Your Brushes: The Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide Infographic
“Brush Up on Your Brushes” on Health Perch