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UK Blog Awards 2016 Goody Bag


UK Blog awards 2016 goody bag

Last week I attended the UK Blog Awards 2016 (read my thoughts of the event here) and after the event I went away with a packed goody bag.

uk blog awards 2016 goody bag contents

Here’s a quick sneak peek into what was inside:
1. Roast magazine –  it had a few recipe ideas including of course roast dinners.
2. Lypsyl Lip Balm – a lip balm which is good for when you have chapped lips.
3. Stick to Stigu – a essential planner for 2016
4. Piccolo bag – I didn’t look too closely at these as they didn’t look too appetising but I think they’re nuts
5. Ginger teatox Superfood Flapjack – a flapjack bar made of ginger. Perfect for when you want to eat healthily
6. Divine milk and dark chocolate Belgian selection – a collection of delightful milk and dark Belgian chocolates. My mum loves these so she had fun devouring them.
7. Sugru Fix That Thing Glue – this is a interesting glue that can be moulded around anything. So if you have a broken charger wire or something hanging off you can mould it back on.
8. Jar – this was a very heavy jar that had a few things inside including blue glitter, a recipe for a cocktail and something else (I can’t remember what). It can be used to store anything including cocktail juice.
9. Mouse mat – pretty self explanatory, a mouse mat with the UK Blog Awards logo on.

In all fairness I was a little bit disappointed withe UK Blog Awards 2016 goody bag. As the ‘oscars’ of the blogging industry I was hoping for a little more including more utilisation of their large sponsors like Debenhams and Odeon. It didn’t matter too much as I had a free ticket but if I had paid £60 I would’ve hoped to go home with a little more.

What do you think of the goody bag?