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Turn back time and get a tan at the same time with Fake Bake’s The Face a new Dynamic Duo face cream


First there was BB cream, then CC cream and now DD Cream (Dynamic Duo) is the new super-cream on the block.

Fake Bake’s The Face is a innovative anti-ageing tanner that not only helps to reduce signs of ageing with clinical levels of Matrixyl-3000(R) but gives your face a warm healthy glow.

This unique tanner is available exclusively at M&S from 31st March to mid May 2014. The Face aims to reduce ageing by stimulating your skin cells with the unique peptide formula to produce collagen, and plumping skin up from within to help reduce the signs of wrinkles and fine lines.

Determined to take the skincare industry by storm The Face is a high end skin care product combined with luxury tanning.

Like most women I have more lotions and potions in the bathroom cabinet then I would like to. We all buy into that promise of turning back time so the idea of having one product that does both sounds fantastic. The lotion is paraben free and comes with a glove to avoid tanner getting on your hand. The product advises the tanner can be applied before bed or in the morning as makeup and touched up as desired.

The cream is very dark so I was a little worried I’d end up looking like a Oompah Loompah but after rubbing into my skin the cream dissipated and left a light sunkissed glow. The cream was absorbed easily and was very sheer however I have to say the smell is pretty revolting!

There is no sun screen in the product so you will need to use extra protection if you decide to use it during the day.

With a unique combination of anti-ageing benefits and tanning The Face is a unique product that will be the new go to in everyone’s makeup bag. Whilst it may take a few months to see if the product can really turn back time I love the fact that it means there’s two less products I have to buy. The simple sun kissed freckle look was really nice however the smell was rather irritating and I have to say it did put me off using it.

Get yours for £22.00

I give it 3/5



*this was sent to me to test