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Try the revolutionary SkinnyTan self tanner loved by Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson

Loved by Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson, SkinnyTan is the revolutionary tanning product that helps you slim!

SkinnyTan’s popularity shot up after being presented to Dragon’s Den where Kelly Hoppen, MBE saw the potential of a tanning product that has the combined benefit of making you look good and helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Direct from the golden beaches of Bondi Beach, Australia, SkinnyTan 7-day tanner is a salon quality product that first bronzes the skin then develops into a deep brown over the next seven days. Combining a natural tanning active with naturally derived skin smoothing actives Guarana, the product has the ability to contour and reduce the appearance of your cellulite.

On application I found the 7-day tanner to be true to its word and found the coconut scent was a pleasant change to the typical off biscuit smell. Surprisingly the tan dried really quickly and I wasn’t left with a overly sticky sensation that doesn’t make me want to put my clothes on. The colour in the bronzer makes it quite easy to apply as you can see where tan has already been added. There is a small amount of colour added but it was more of a natural glow then a bronzed tan.



SkinnyTan Gradual Tanner doesn’t include a instant bronzer, but instead applies creamy and and develops into a natural looking tan over the next 5-8 hours. The product is a little bit more natural then the 7-day tanner as the effect is more gradual, and the colour can be built up as desired. I felt the product was a little stickier then the 7-day tanner, and it seemed like I was applying a thick moisturiser or lotion. The product still had a coconut smell but on drying had that notable ‘fake tan’ smell in certain areas. There was a small amount of streakiness the next morning but I thought my skin looked more tanned then it did with the 7 day tanner.

The major flaw of most self tanners is the awful biscuit/fishy smell that is hard to disguise. SkinnyTan eliminates that with a natural coconut smell that will make you feel you’re breezing onto a sun kissed Caribbean island. The products did tan my skin but it was more natural then overly bronzed. As for the slimming effect I can’t say I noticed much of a difference but it’s most likely that used over a period of time the ingredients will start to take effect.

There are a number of SkinnyTan products available for both men and women including Gradual Tanner for £19.99 and 7-day Tanner for £26.99. Find out more here.