Tried and Tested: Sequaderma Anti Ageing and Thinning Skin Cream

The Hype
Sequaderma has a unique range of active dermatology products designed to restore skin health and comfort. The products are designed using patented nano technology that allow the key ingredients to pass directly into the skin. They’re free from artificial colouring, fragrance, propyl and butyl parabens and are designed to address a number of different issues including treatment for rosacea, atopic and hand eczema, Seborrhoeic Dermatitis, acne and ageing and thinning skin.

The Lowdown
For the purpose of this review I am trialling Sequaderma Ageing and Thinning Skin cream. It’s designed to target 15 signs of ageing including:

  • Reducing the volume and appearance of wrinkles.
  • Improving skin tone
  • Smoothing skin
  • Making skin firmer
  • Improving elasticity
  • Improving texture
  • Restoring hydration
  • Reducing skin sagging and sun damage

Over 86% of those who tested the product found it was one of the best anti-ageing products they have ever used with 100% of users experiencing a reduction in the size of their wrinkles, and 80% looking between 5 to 15 years younger.

With such amazing test reviews (although these are a small minority) I was interested to know if this was a anti-ageing cream that actually had some effect. Whilst I can’t say I have a really old face I do have a few signs of ageing I am keen to get rid of. The fine lines in my forehead do appear quite deep and nothing seems to get rid of them, in addition I have crease on the t-zone and fine lines around my eyes. Whilst I don’t expect miracles I would hope the cream to have some effect. The cream has quite a unusual smell, almost like a mixture of dark chocolates and rose. To use I simply rubbed into my skin and it was absorbed in less than a minute. It did give a slightly sticky feel to my skin after application so would be better to use mainly at night. The next morning I didn’t really notice much of a difference but it probably does need time to have a effect. I obviously don’t expect the signs of ageing to disappear overnight and the back of the product states that people get results within 8 weeks. I will test the product over that time and post the results at the end.

Whilst I can’t yet comment on how effective the cream is it’s great that the range offer creams that target different issues specifically. I give it 3/5

You can get these products from Lloyds Pharmacies. The Anti Ageing and thinning skin cream is £22.99 here.


  • Four products designed specifically to target different issues
  • Uses nanotechnology to help the products work more effectively
  • The Ageing and Thinning skin cream is designed to target 15 signs of ageing
  • The anti ageing cream absorbs very quickly


  • Slightly sticky feel after applying