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Top 8 skin issues every woman is dealing with

top 8 skin issues every women is dealing with

Dry skin, oily skin, saggy skin, dark skin, dull skin, acne marks, armpit skin tags — the list goes on. Men and women alike have skin issues that often bring a certain feeling of insecurity even with the knowledge that everyone else has similar issues that they deal with everyday. Here’s 10 of the most common skin issues that bother women:


Call it crazy but, it seems very few women are prepared to age and actually show that on their skin. The natural process of aging and the rate at which wrinkles manifest differs from person to person. Excess sun exposure however can also be a primary cause of premature skin aging or, looking older than you really are.

Possible solutions: A comprehensive sun care strategy that includes working out the best time of day to catch just enough sunshine to keep you healthy without burning your skin is a must. Daily broad spectrum sunscreen at an SPF 30 level of protection is also imperative if you want to keep your skin younger looking. Antioxidants, whether ingested or topically applied, will help keep your skin cells performing optimally.

Uneven skin tone

Again, sun exposure is a top probable cause. Harsh chemicals in your skin care products can be another.

Possible solutions: Regular exfoliation can help you see more noticeable results sooner, you might want to consider getting a professionally administered chemical peel. Ask your skin care specialist about laser skin resurfacing as well.

Saggy skin

Prolonged and unprotected sun exposure can make your skin lose its elasticity. Other than the significant decline in collagen and elastin production that naturally accompanies aging, lack of exercise, poor diet, and smoking can also make your skin lose its firmness.

Possible solutions: Radio frequency (RF) therapy has been receiving rave reviews recently and is fast becoming a top choice for skin tightening. RF works with a device that produces radio waves which are capable of penetrating deep into your skin, stimulating your dermal and subcutaneous layers to facilitate faster rates of collagen and elastin production which, in turn, makes your skin appear denser and fuller.

Armpit Skin Tag

Also known as acrochordon, skin tags can appear anywhere on your skin but, among women, can be embarrassing on the armpits. It is common in this part of the body because of constant skin friction.

Possible solutions: Most of the time, skin tags will die and fall off without any intervention. If your skin tags are  persistent, you can try cauterization, chemical burning or laser treatment. If it’s large enough, you can even use a dental floss to cut it off.

Dark underarms and bikini area

These are truly very embarrassing skin conditions that stop you from showing off your skin. Common causes are allergies, shaving, friction, poor hygiene, and harsh products.

Possible solutions: Regular application of skin lightening products will help — in the long run. If you want results now, however, you should seriously consider getting a chemical peel or a laser treatment.


Talk about the most challenging skin issues women face, cellulite can become permanently stored underneath your skin. While they’re completely harmless, they can definitely hurt a woman’s self-esteem.

Possible solutions: Targeted exercises, regular workouts and a healthy diet can work but, if you can’t wait for improvements to happen, you might as well get help from clinical procedures. Get to know more about Endermologie, cryotherapy, lipolysis, Cellulaze, and Cellfina. Results can be immediate and results can last for up to three years and beyond.

Stretch marks

A common aftermath of pregnancy, stretch marks are also common among single women. Stretch marks are caused by rapid weight loss and weight gain, chronic stress, and fluctuating hormones.

Possible solutions: Newly formed stretch marks can be corrected with retinoids. If the marks have been there for some time, however, you might want to see how RF and laser procedures can help.

Spider and varicose veins

These do get in the way of your otherwise slim, sexy legs. Top causes of spider and varicose veins are blockages that prevent proper blood flow and fluid circulation. Some people are also predisposed to this condition due to inheriting it from other family members. Pregnancy and significant weight gain can exacerbate this condition on the legs, thighs and feet. On the face, these conditions can become aggravated by rosacea.

Possible solutions: Pulse dye laser and Intense Pulsed Light therapy offer better alternatives than sclerotherapy. In both procedures, the treatment areas can be highly targeted. Both work by facilitating the elimination of the damaged blood vessels.


Skin issues can be bothersome and affect your self esteem. Thanks to developments in skin care science, you now have an option not to have to live with your skin issues and actually do something about them. All you need is to get online and research about your choices and consult with an expert. Remember to always weigh the risks and benefits before you schedule your session

Guest post by Angina Berryz

top 8 skin issues every woman is dealing with