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Tips to make your makeup last longer

tips to keep your makeup fresh all day

So you’ve applied your makeup and you look fabulous…for about a hour that is. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending ages perfecting your makeup just for the weather or the air conditioning to ruin it. Whilst you can’t keep your makeup looking exactly as it was when you applied it there’s tricks will certainly help you keep it in check.

Say goodbye to dead skin
Did you know dead skin cells can actually play havoc with your makeup? Dead skin cells can leave the surface uneven which could result in blotchy uneven makeup. By exfoliating regularly your skin will be a lot smoother and give your makeup a better surface to settle on which should increase the longevity.

Primer comes first
Primers are great for sealing in moisturiser and giving your makeup a smooth, even surface to apply makeup. They work by preventing your makeup being absorbed which helps to keep your makeup fresh for much longer.

Moisturisers can keep your makeup in check
With today’s technology it’s actually possible for certain moisturisers to keep your makeup fresh. Levels of hydration and sebum can fluctuate in the skin over the course of the day which can cause your makeup to start to collect in fine lines and creases. By using a ‘smart’ moisturiser you will combat this as the moisturiser responds to over ageing to stop the creasing occurring. Try Vichy Liftactiv (£15.40 at Feel Unique) to start off with.

Layer your makeup
There’s nothing that looks worse then a big heavy application of makeup. When you apply your makeup in heavy layers the makeup is more likely to slip off and disappear. By applying in light layers and blending regularly your makeup will look a lot more natural and will last longer.

Wear longwear makeup
There are some makeup products that are formulated specifically to last longer than traditional products. Longwear makeup covers everything from eyeliners to mascara and can stay put for hours without shifting.

Set your makeup
Using powder is great for setting your makeup as it can help to seal the products in. Sweep powder all over your face for the best results.

Keep your lipstick in check
The trick to keeping your lipstick looking amazing is to build up the colour in a number of layers. Use a lip liner to frame your lips which helps to give structure and grip for your lipstick. Use a brush to apply your lipstick slowly building it up in light layers. Finally finish by going over your lipstick with a pencil to set the colour.

Don’t touch!
We’re all guilty of touching our faces after applying makeup but this is actually the  number one reason for causing your makeup to fade. If half your makeup ends up on your fingers then this is one habit you need to stop. After all not only are you ruining your makeup you’re spreading germs, viruses and bacteria from your fingers to your face. Try finding something else to occupy your time like squeezing a stress ball.

Blotting is best
If your makeup starts to fade during the day it’s very tempting to want to top it up. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with a quick touch up, if you go too heavy with the foundation or mascara it can start to look cakey which can increase the size of your pores.

Don’t forget to set your makeup!
Once all is done you’re probably keen to get out the door but it’s important you don’t forget your setting spray. Setting sprays are designed to stop your makeup melting so you can keep it looking fresh day and night.

I hope these tips will help you to keep your makeup looking fresh and fabulous. Do let me know how you get on.