The perfect eyeshadow for Christmas: The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes in 23


With Christmas literally around the corner it’s time to think up the perfect makeup routine for the annual Christmas party.

The Body Shop Shimmer Palette in 23 has a lovely combination of purples and pearly white to create the perfect smokey eye.

The shades from bottom to top (left to right) are 1. Velvet Plum, 2. Candy Pink, 3. Pearly White and 4. Orchid Purple.

You can take the cubes out and use individually or altogether as a whole. They even come with little lids so they don’t get damaged if you choose to use them separately.

I love the sparkle in each shade and how they look when swatched. I applied the shades dry and did feel that a few like the Candy Pink were very light and hard to see which is disappointing. The shades go really well together and have a lovely shimmer.

The Shimmer Cubes are also available in Warm, Blue/Grey, Pink and Green.

At £16.00 the Body Shop Shimmer cubes are quite pricey but you can use them individually or together so considering the prices of individual Body Shop eyeshadows they’re actually a bargain!

Get your Body Shop Shimmer Palette 

I give it 3/5


  • The shades are quite pigmented
  • The cubes can be used individually and taken out of the quad box or used together for a smokey eye


  • Some colours don’t appear as strongly as they appear when swatched
  • At £16.00 it could be considered pricey to those who want to save the pennies.

*This was kindly sent for me to test as a sample