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The new beauty trend of 2017: faux freckles

faux freckles beauty trend 2017

I’ve always seen freckles a symbol of beauty and now the beauty industry is finally recognising this in the latest trend; faux freckles.

In terms of trends faux freckles is probably one of the easiest to master – you won’t need any particular techniques like you do with strobing or contouring.

Freckles are typically a very natural thing so when you’re applying false freckles, you want it to look as natural as possible. Look for a eye/ brow pencil that is around one shade lighter than your natural hair colour and lightly dot them onto your skin, around the nose and cheeks where the sun naturally hits.

faux freckles beauty trend 2017 brow pencil

I do have a few natural freckles, but they only really tend to come out in the height of summer when I spend a lot of time in the sun. I did find it quite hard to find a light brow pencil and a lot of the ones I saw were all pretty dark. In the end I found Maybelline Master Shape in Dark Blonde which was a little bit lighter than my natural hair shade.

So what do you think of the faux freckles look? Is it something that you’ll be trying?