The lawhouse reveal some of the richest pets in the world

why should i write a will

Let me pose you a question that may make you think. When you think of people who write wills, do you imagine it’s all about old people deciding who to share their treasured possessions with?

Maybe… but it shouldn’t be. Statistics from 2015 say over 51 million adults in the UK don’t have a will. This is a starkly large figure especially considering the sheer unpredictability of life.

When you’re young the thought of death probably seems very far away and the idea of writing a will seems pointless. Whilst it’s likely we will all live a long and prosperous life sometimes life can throw a dagger in the works. Accidents can happen and they can be disastrous tearing families apart.
As the old saying goes, it’s good to be prepared. A will is a surefire way of securing your family’s safety and comfort long after you’re gone. You can also decide who you feel should have what and write it up so it’s completely fair. There’s nothing worse then a family fighting over who’s entitled to what on someone’s estate!

I personally haven’t yet written a will and  I do feel it’s quite a sensitive matter to think about. Whilst I don’t have a big family it’s important to let them know they matter to you and it’s something I will look into in the near future.

Not everyone has family they can leave their belongings and money too and it’s often their much loved pooch or cat that ends up being very rich indeed. I worked with UK Probate lawyers to help develop this infographic. It gives you a little insight into the crazy world of some very lucky animals whose owners left their entire estate to them. As much as I love animals I’m not sure I could justify leaving so much money to my pet.
Law House Infographic

So whether you want to leave all your riches to Fido or someone close to you here’s a round up of why it’s important to write a will at any age.

  • You know everything you own will go only to the people you want it to.
  • If you were estranged from your family and hadn’t written a will – and your family couldn’t be located, everything you own will go to the state.

What do you think? Could you leave that amount of fortune to your pet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.