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The 2 minute face challenge


2 minute face

On a typical day I can probably complete my get ready routine in half hour – so the thought of getting ready in 2 minutes was quite a challenge. Obviously with only 2 minutes I don’t have time to use my normal products so I have to take a different approach – the fresh faced look.

The fresh faced look is perfect for those lazy days when you can barely drag a brush through your hair or when a box set sounds much more exciting then going out.

So using only three products I put the challenge to the test.

2 minute face challenge concealer vital

With my dark circles, concealer is vital, especially in lieu of foundation. It helps to brighten my face and give me a bright eyed look.

2 minute face challenge multi purpose tint

Multi-purpose tint
A dual blusher and lip tint are perfect for adding a bit of colour to cheeks and lips at the same time. By using the same shade you’ll look casually pulled together with a really natural look.

2 minute face challenge mascara

I could never  leave the house without wearing mascara! Mascara is amazing for opening up your eyes and making you look more awake.

2 minute face challenge results

My completed look is very natural and quite simple. While I don’t look as made up as normal I certainly don’t look like I’ve just dragged myself out of bed either. Do you think you could get ready in 2 minutes?