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Ted Baker continue to make their mark on the beauty industry with their new duo nail varnishes

Ted Baker have been showing they’re a lot more then a one trick pony recently with the launch of several of their new beauty products.

Determined to make their mark on the beauty industry Ted Baker’s latest offerings have arrived at Ted’s Sweet Shoppe – the delightful Double Act nail varnish sets. These duo varnishes combine contrasting colours and textures to really make your nails stand out.

For girls who like to combine naughty and nice the Pretty Perfect and Midnight Miracle pink and black shades make up for a daring act. Silver Lining and Delightfully Dusk are designed for the girl who loves a bit of sparkle in her life with a gorgeous shimmering glow. Not to be outdone a flamingo shade of Sweet on You and the sparkling glitter of Champagne Sundays makes the colour pink your new best friend.

I was lucky enough to be able to test Silver Lining and Delightfully Dusk. I love the iridescent shimmer of the varnishes and how even in their pots they look amazing. The varnish is so thick you only need one coat and you can’t see the nail underneath. My nails look so girly and pretty I absolutely adore them.

I love the new range and wish I could have tried them all. For the way it made my nails look amazing I give it 4/5.

Get yours for £8.50 at Boots



*this was sent for me to test