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Stila One Step Corrector Review

The Hype
Are you tired of having to use a combination of products to hide your skin’s imperfections? Whether you need to conceal redness, revive tired skin or illuminate sunspots Stila One Step Corrector is your goto product.

The corrector is a innovative triple-swirled helix serum that instantly colour corrects and hides blemishes. Enhanced with Stila’s Youth Revival Bio-Available Mineral Complex the serum also works in reducing the signs of aging, by lessening the intensity of fine lines and wrinkles. It has a weightless, creamy formula that blends seamlessly into skin and doesn’t sink or sit on top of your blemishes.

The Lowdown
I first saw this serum in the airplane sales brochure and thought it looked really interesting. I’ve tried quite a few primers and whilst a lot provide a silky base for foundation they don’t do a lot. Whether your skin is very red, sunken or dull, or even a combination of all three, it can be really frustrating having to buy several different products to treat different issues. Stila one Step Corrector eliminates the need for that and that’s fantastic. The more money you can save for future beauty treats is always a good thing.

The serum has a really interesting design with green, white and pink swirls that sit perfectly on top of each other. My skin is quite clear although I do have redness and dark spots under my eyes. I also have a pesky oily t-zone area that I’m keen on eliminating. When I applied the serum to my hand it appears in three colours and once they’re mixed together the serum is very green. The product glides on really easily and absorbs into the skin with no problem. I can’t say I noticed much difference in the appearance of my blemishes or fine lines after I applied the product but I assumed it would have more of a effect once I had applied my foundation. The serum gave a really firm base for my foundation and it went on with ease.

With my makeup finished I feel the effects of Stila One Step Corrector are subtle but they are visible. Whilst the before and after photos are not massively different, I did feel the fine lines under my eyes were hidden slightly and my t-zone did not feel or look as oily as it normally did (not very visible in the photos). Overall a lovely product to give your makeup a helping hand and make your finished look more polished.

I give it 3/5

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