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St Moriz Self Tanning Mousse

If you want a less hazardous route to bronzed skin forget the sunbeds or sizzling in the sun, self tanning products can give you the same effect in half the time!

Today I am reviewing St Moriz self tanning mousse. The product is quite cheap in most places so definitely starts off on the right foot and has very similar features to the more expensive St Tropez. When you press the nozzle the liquid that comes out is pretty foamy and brown in colour and all you do is rub that into your skin. It’s suitable for all over the body but I tend to not use it on my face just in case…

Now it’s best to exfoliate first to get rid of dry skin as self tan can get caught on this and create a very attractive streaky look. I have used spray tanners before and found I instantly got these horrible streak marks but with St Moriz mousse if you rub it in well enough you can hopefully avoid those.

The product is light but straight after use it does leave you with a slight stickiness that isn’t too comfortable. Unlike most tanners though it doesn’t have that horrible biscuity smell and you can go about your daily basis comfortable that you won’t be attracting a flock of pigeons.

However, even with the best of intentions you do still get streak marks with St Moriz mousse, especially in areas such as back of legs, in between fingers etc which you don’t notice till you get into a well lit area. My advice – wait till you get into natural light before applying, you’ll get far better results that way!

I give it a 4/5.



You can buy St Moriz self tanning mousse for £4.99