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Spring beauty detox tips

Say Hello to Spring Beauty Detox

After a long, exhausting winter, our skin is in a need of some tender, loving care. The strain on our skin increases during the cold months, so it’s very likely your face is dull, dry, and completely unprepared for the fresh air and sunlight of Spring. A Spring detox is clearly in order, but instead of just eating well and sweating it out at the gym, why not apply the same idea to your beauty routine. If you want lush, radiant skin to help you welcome the warmer months then read on for some cool Spring beauty detox tips.

Toss out old products

Time to go through your medicine cabinet and makeup bag. That clumpy mascara, hand cream that’s way past its due date, lipstick that smells funny, and that old makeup brush that keeps shedding have no place in your house. You’re never gonna use them, they’re taking up space, and if you do reach for them in a moment of desperation they’re probably going to cause an infection. Now’s a great time to simply clear out old products, wash and clean your makeup bags, and make everything nice and neat.

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Do a thorough cleanse

Your skin probably feels a little crusty after winter and doing a full-body cleanse can help you get rid of those dead skin cells and leave it looking fresh. You can try dry brushing to scrub your body, and as for your face here’s some easy tips to follow:

Chill out with a sheet mask

After that kind of cleanse you’re going to need some serious nourishment to replenish the moisture. Use something like a Dr Jart sheet mask, or some of these beauty masks that you can easily whip up in the kitchen. Put it on, sit back and relax, and let it care for your face.

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Change your skin care

While winter requires thicker, oilier moisturisers, Spring is the perfect time for lighter, more natural products. To make sure you’re ready for spring, you want to address all your skin issues and this might require some quality, cosmeceutical-like skin care. What does cosmeceutical mean? Simply put it’s products that are a mix of cosmetic and pharmaceutical solutions which makes them very effective. Consider introducing cosmeceuticals skin care products like Aspect Dr Active C Serum, which can brighten, firm and provide your skin with some much-needed antioxidants.

Hydrate like crazy

Good skin comes from the inside and staying hydrated is the easiest path to a good complexion. Sip water as much as you can, and don’t forget to enjoy a daily cup of green tea for even more detox benefits. Green tea is a natural antioxidant that can speed up your metabolism and help your liver and kidneys flush out toxins more easily.

Don’t forget sunscreen

Regular use of sunscreen should be one of your skin care resolutions this spring, especially now that you’ll be spending more time outside in the sunlight. Sunscreen is the most important thing for wrinkle prevention (and hey, cancer prevention), and it’s actually one of the steps that you should never skip in the morning. If you hate adding an extra product to your routine, then simply find a moisturizer that has high SPF in it so you’re combining the two.

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Go for light coverage

Full-coverage foundation is great, but spring generally calls for makeup that’s a bit easier on the skin and is not so heavy on your pores. We recommend that you use BB creams and tinted moisturisers on most days, and only go for medium to full coverage when you’re going out in the evening. However, don’t think spring means you’re forbidden from having fun with colours! It’s time to try out all those bright pink and coral lipsticks, to rock some fun new glittery eyeshadow, to rouge your cheeks with cream blush, and paint your nails in to match the look. Enjoy yourself, ladies.

Ready for the new season? Follow these steps and enjoy looking all radiant and fresh this spring!

Guest post by Amy Mia Goldsmith

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