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Spooky halloween nail art tutorials

Halloween is just days away so I wanted to get creative just in time for the big night. The posh skeleton nail tutorial is pretty simple and has one feature nail as the main focus. It encompasses the idea of a simple nail manicure as well which once you have got the hang of it is easy to create.

1. Cover your nails with a pale pink shade
2. Grab a white nail polish and carefully follow the natural arc of your nails to create french manicure tips on all your fingers and thumb apart from the middle finger
3. Get a black nail art pen and carefully line the arc
4. Using the nail art pen draw a small bow on each manicured tip
5. On the middle finger use white nail varnish to cover your nail
6. Get your black nail art pen and carefully draw two eyes
7. Draw two small holes for the nose
8. Draw a smile
9. Finally line the smile with small lines for the teeth