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Sparkle away with Rimmel London Space Dust nail varnishes

It’s time to blast your nails into space with Rimmel’s Space Dust nail varnishes.

The special effect nail polish offers a highly textured, intense glitter finish. Available in 5 striking shades the polish is best applied straight to the nail.

I loved how sparkly these polishes looked on the shelf and the intense sparkle of the purple silver shade Moon Walking. The formula is very thick and completely encrusted with different sizes of glitter for that original textured look. Unlike many glitter nail polishes that are very thin, the thicker formula means you don’t need to apply over a base colour like many glitter polishes. Ideally you only really need one layer of this and your nails fully covered but a extra layer gives it that extra bit of coverage. The colour is simply gorgeous and makes my toes look awesome.

Keen to try my new sparkly wedges on I love how fantastic the pair look together!

For it’s intense sparkle, thickness and lovely colour I give it 4/5.

These seem to be a bit hard to get hold of at the moment online but you can get two of the shades for £3.99 at Boots!