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Soul Tree Colour Kajals review

soul tree colour kajals

What the brand says

Soultree Cosmetics was born in 2002 when a visit to the Himalayas revealed a community living in harmony with nature; giving back as much goodness as they took.Wanting to create a cosmetics range that used only authentic natural products they searched high and low to ensure they sourced ingredients that were free of harmful chemicals.

Soultree’s handmade kajals are created using carbon black from vegetable oil lamps, organic ghee, natural mineral colours and organic almond oil. The kajals come in 12 shades and are perfect for lining your eyes.

The Lowdown
It’s rare to see a makeup brand that is committed to ensuring their products are sustainable and made purely with entirely natural materials. Considering the limited ingredients the kajals look very similar to a typical factory branded product that use a lot of chemicals. It just goes to show you don’t always need hundreds of ingredients to make a good products.

soul tree colour kajals swatch

The kajals have a crayon like tip and the end is quite chunky. The product is quite smooth and silky and went easily onto my eye without feeling like it was dragging. I did find it a little hard to get a precise line as the nib was so chunky. For the review I tested Cold Black and 24 Carat a gold sparkly shade. Both liners had a fair amount of pigment but 24 Carat was a little harder to see as the gold tint was quite light. I also had to apply 24 Carat more than Cold Black in order to get a visible effect. I did like the subtle gold shimmer that ran through 24 Carat. As it is such a light shade you really need to wear it without eyeshadow to get its full effect.

soul tree colour kajals cold black on

soul tree colour kajals 24 carat on

If you can’t use a lot of products as you’re allergic to the ingredients, or you don’t like the idea of using products with chemicals in Soultree Color Kajals are definitely worth giving a go. They have a decent amount of pigment, feel gentle on the eye and give a lot back to the community. The only downside I can probably see is the thickness means you won’t really get a tight precise line like you do with thinner liners.

I give it 4/5

You can shop the range for £13.90 at Pravera