SmileLab Teeth Whitening Strips – The Results

smilelab tooth whitening strips the results

What the brand says
If  you want a whiter smile you may be drawn in by the hundreds of whitening toothpastes and strips on the market. So what should you opt for – tooth paste or strips?

SmileLab has designed a 14 day whitening program that helps to remove old and new discolouration whilst reducing plaque and bacteria.

The strips have been designed to be user friendly and they’re peroxide free so you know you’re not adding unnecessary chemicals to your teeth.

The Lowdown
For the last 2 weeks I’ve been testing out SmileLab, to see if ultimately I got a whiter smile. The whitening strips were really easy to use – I simply placed one strip on my top teeth and one on the bottom. As mentioned before they don’t cover all your teeth, just those that are visible. Over the half hour the gel on the strips works at removing stains and bacteria whilst increasing the whiteness of my teeth.

So what did I think? 

All in all my thoughts were mixed about the strips. After taking them off there was a fair bit of gel left over which I had to get rid of and I did feel the strips made my teeth seem a little more sensitive.

I recorded my experience during the 14 days taking a picture after using each strip. In my SmileLab diary picture I haven’t included every picture but you can see the journey my teeth went on. There are differences in lighting which did affect how bright my teeth look but it’s definitely the before and after photos that matter the most. After the 14 days I feel that my teeth do seem a tiny bit brighter and are a little bit whiter.

smilelab tooth whitening strips the results

Often tooth whitening strips work pretty well in whitening teeth. Whilst the results with SmileLab are not amazing, they did brighten my teeth slightly and made them appear slightly whiter.

If you’re after a really good whitening product however I would recommend Doll White whitening strips or even Richard Marques Strong Teeth whitening toothpaste.

I give SmileLab 2/5

Get it for £25.33 at Boots (reduced from £38.00!)

before and after smilelab tooth whitening strips


  • Easy to use
  • Works over a 14 day period so you can use it in the run up to a event
  • My teeth appeared slightly brighter after the 14 days


  • The strips left my teeth feeling sweaty and I had to remove a lot of gel after taking the strips off
  • I did feel my teeth seemed a little more sensitive after using the strips