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Smashbox Full Exposure mascara review

smashbox full exposure mascara review

What the brand says
Smashbox Full Exposure has a unique formula that was inspired by the movies and behind the scene techniques. More powerful then your average mascara, Full Exposure combines a lengthening fibre mascara with a volumising formula to get your lashes as long and full as they can be.

It claims to give:

The Lowdown
Now I’m under no illusion that this is a new product, but I’ve read so many good reviews I really wanted to put it to the test. I recently got the mascara which was part of the star gift from Boots ‘5 products for £30’. It was a total bargain and the mascara was full size – fabulous. My first impressions of the mascara is that the wand itself is mahoosive. It has a bristle brush that is slightly tapered in towards the end to capture the smaller lashes.

smashbox full exposure mascara

The mascara has quite a wet formula so it was really easy to apply without any resistance or scratching. The brush is obviously really big so it does capture most of the lashes without too much issue, although it’s still a bit awkward getting in the inner corner. As the formula is quite wet I did end up with a bit of product on my lid so it is quite messy. After applying my lashes did look defined and mostly separate aside from a few lashes that were slightly clumped together. I can’t say I noticed much difference in terms of volume or length in  comparison to my normal mascara but there was quite a good lash curl.

After several hours the lash curl had wilted a little bit but there was no smudging or panda eyes.

what does smashbox full exposure mascara look like on

I did like the curl Full Exposure gave me but as I mentioned above I didn’t really notice much of any other effect. Considering the price of the mascara I would probably just opt for my normal L’Oreal mascara as it seems to create pretty much identical results.

I give it 3/5

Grab it for £19.50 at Boots