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9 wordpress plugins that will help skyrocket your site traffic

how to boost your site traffic

Want to know what wordpress plugins will help boost your site traffic? I’ll tell you about 9 of the best plugins including Yoast and Jetpack

Having originally established my blog on Blogspot I was delighted with how interactive and engaging WordPress was when I moved over to the platform in September 2017. Whilst Blogspot is generally quite static in terms of growing your brand, WordPress literally lets you get through the backdoor to see what posts are successful and gives you tools to improve ones that aren’t. Here’s of my favourite WordPress plugins, what they do and how they can help skyrocket your site traffic.


Jetpack is pretty much the backbone of WordPress and has so many functionalities. There is a free and a paid version and most of the functions are available for free. It monitors my traffic, allows me to automatically share my blog posts on social media, improves image speed and monitors my blog letting me know if it’s down for any reason. The paid version will get you security protection, backups of your site, spam protection and scanning for viruses.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

With over half of my traffic coming from mobile devices it’s essential that I make my site load as quickly as possible on mobiles. My site used to be really slow but lately after using this it’s amazingly fast on my phone now. Definitely worth a download!

Cookie law info

It’s now the law to declare whether you use cookies and this little tool makes it so much easier. It displays a message at the bottom of the screen which will make the viewer aware of ads and asks that it accepts them for a better experience.


Basically a version of Disqus which replaces traditional WordPress commenting. It’s easy to use and I can monitor all my comments in one place.

my favourite wordpress plugins redirection


Before I had this plugin if I changed the link address all the old traffic visiting the old link would get a page not found error. This tool lets me put in the old address and redirects it to the new one when someone clicks on it.


Sumome is a really useful app that has both free and paid versions. It monitors traffic and has a free newsletter link in which i can use to invite people to subscribe. Every Sunday sumo will send a update on how many people shared my posts, how many people saw my pop up and subscribed to my blog. It also links to your mailer program for free and has a wide variety available From Convertkit to Mailerlite. It’s really useful for monitoring my statistics and seeing how I’m growing.

Ultimate Nofollow

Unlike Blogspot, WordPress does not come with a automatic nofollow option. This plugin is really useful for when I’m writing a sponsored post and want to change the link to nofollow.

Yoast Seo

Yoast is a really easy way of optimising my blog posts and utilising seo. It’s really easy to use and allows me to add keywords to my posts to increase their visibility in google. When I was using blogspot I didn’t really have the chance to add keywords so I couldn’t really do much about my blogs position on google. Hopefully over time I can get to the top 10 ranking for beauty blogs.

Updraftplus Backup/restore

This is a free plugin that backs up my blog in case my data was lost. I have backup copies of all my posts and photos but if I lost them I know how much of a hassle it would be putting them all back together again. A real time saver.

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9 wordpress plugins that will skyrocket your site traffic