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Skinbreeze Rejuvenation Serum review

skinbreeze rejuvenation serum anti ageing product

What the brand says
If you’ve tried what seems like every ageing cream to exist and still pulled at your wrinkles in despair then seeing the ‘next best thing’ in age repair probably makes you recoil inside.

Skinbreeze Rejuvenation Serum claims to be different through the use of neuropeptides that reduce the signs of ageing by using neurotransmission to contract the muscles. The contraction helps to make the muscles relax, thus releasing  the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The serum is designed to be used over 30 days for the best results.

The Lowdown
skinbreeze rejuvenation serum anti ageing new productWhilst I’m still relatively young (not quite 30 yet!) I do have quite deep fine lines. I have tried quite a number of age repair products over the years and have reviewed quite a few on the blog. Regardless of whether they’re a cream, serum or light machine I’ve had very little results with these products. I am a little sceptical if this will do anything but every little helps!

It has a really unique design and actually looks a bit like a syringe which is different to most anti-ageing products I try. It kind of gives the impression that it’s like botox and is going to work incredibly well. The end of the product has a little teat which you can take off to reveal the dropper. This is a good idea to keep the product clean. The see through packaging also means you can see how much you have got left.

I applied the serum under my eyes, on my forehead and between my eyes where I get quite bad frown lines. The serum is very light and there was no tingling or soreness after I applied it. I noticed quite a difference under my eyes after applying where the skin looked a lot more taut. I didn’t notice too much difference in other areas but I’m hoping it will have more of an effect as time goes on. So far I’m impressed and I’m looking forward to trying this out.

I have had a brief look online and it’s a little difficult to find the product but I will let you know in my final review where you can get it.

I will use this over a 30 day period and will document my progress every 10 days to show you if the serum is having any effect. Keep tuned for the final review!

Check out Skinbreezer serum here

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