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Six top tips on how to keep your nails healthy

Soft and pretty nails are the trend for Spring/Summer 2015. Before you grab your latest Nails Inc Blossom shade it’s important to remember to give your nails some TLC. Here’s some useful tips on keeping your nail area looking neat and pretty.

Avoid metal files
When filing your nails avoid using metal files as these can be very harsh on your nails. Emery boards are more gentle and it’s easier to control the shape of your nails.

How to keep up with the latest style
The shape for the moment is short and round. If your nails are short simply file your nails into a rounded shape to give the illusion of longer fingers.

Oil it up
Almond oil is perfect for giving your nails a new lease of life. Simply rub a couple of drops onto your nail bed and your hands will be soft and smooth in a instant.

Quick fix
Finding paint on the corner of your fingers after painting your nails can be very frustrating. In order to avoid the risk of smudging your nails by using a wipe, simply rub a bit of nail polish remover on a old lip pencil brush. This will help to easily tidy up any splashes.

Protection is key
When nails are coated with a protective top coat they often last a lot longer then without. Try Nails Inc 45 Second Top Coat to help your nails dry faster and last longer.

Greasy isn’t good
The sticky feeling of left over hand cream can be quite irritating. After moisturising your hands rub a small amount of nail polish remover over each nail to ensure there is no leftover cream or greasiness.