Simple solutions to get perfect skin

Do you suffer with very dry skin?
If your skin is very dry it can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Use a cleansing oil twice a day and a rich moisturiser in the morning to give your skin some extra moisture. Cleansing oils are unique as they use oils that don’t dstrip the skin of its natural properties.

Uneven texture getting you down?
You can help your skin to look its best by using products that target pores, skin texture and tone. Whilst it won’t be a miracle cure, over time it will help your skin to repair itself and improve the texture. Microdermabrasion is great for helping to rid of the top layer of dead skin cells enabling you to reveal the healthy layer beneath which will help brighten your skin and repair cells.

Reduce the oiliness of your skin
The best tip when you have oily skin is to opt for a oil free moisturiser. Apply a detoxing masque twice a week and leave it on for five minutes to allow it to fully penetrate the skin.

How to cope with pigmentation
Pigmentation is often caused by skin damage so the best prevention is to use a product with a high sun protection factor. Pigment correcting serum will also help to reduce any existing damage. You may want to use a facial tanner which will help to blend and even out your skin.