Seventeen Stay Pout in Date Night Review



The Gloss
If you want hours of kiss proof colour Seventeen Stay Pout is your go to product.

The new range includes 15 shades that are infused with Shea butter to keep your lips soft.

The Lowdown
On first impressions I was impressed by the rather unusual black and silver packaging and the gem centrepiece. Date Night is a gorgeous pillar box red with strong pigmentation and a creamy, moisturising formula that doesn’t dry my lips out. Many of the lipsticks I have tried tend to have very short shelf life and I constantly have to reapply, however Date Night has great staying power even whilst eating and drinking. The lipstick didn’t leave my lips sticky and uncomfortable, and the overall effect was quite matte.

On the negative I found the stick shook in its holder when applying and it was quite easy to smudge if you got it in the wrong place.

This high street lipstick has a great range of shades that work well with a number of different skin tones and hair colours. It’s not too pricey and does last quite a few hours which makes the cons of this lipstick a lot easier to bear.

I give it 4/5

Grab one now for £4.49 at Boots
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  • Lasts for ages
  • Comes in 15 fabulous shades
  • Vibrant colour
  • Reasonable price


  • Susceptible to smudging