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Sequaderma Anti Ageing and Thinning Skin Cream review after 8 weeks

Sequadermas Anti Ageing and Thinning skin cream promised to reduce wrinkles by 100%, smooth skin by 100%, plump skin by 100% and leave skin 100% healthier.

A lot of the serums skin promises would not have much effect as I do feel my skin looks quite healthy, smooth and plump. In view of the products claim to reduce wrinkles I was however hoping it would have some sort of impact on my fine lines as wrinkles are of course a lot more intense then fine lines.

After 8 weeks I would have to say I didn’t notice any difference in the intensity of the fine lines and frown lines in between my eyes. I have to say that is pretty disappointing considering the 100% improvement promise.

Women in the older age range who find their skin has started to sag due to lack of collagen may find a lot more benefit in Sequaderma Anti Ageing and Thinning Skin cream. For younger people I have to say in my experience it will have little effect.

For my age range I give it 1/5