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Salon Science Thickening Serum review

salon science thickening hair serum

What the brand says
The new Thickening Serum by Salon Science is a innovative new product created to help those with thinning hair and hair loss.

The serum is packed with AnaGain Organic Pea Sprout which is rich in restorative proteins, starch and fibres to help hair look  thicker and fuller. It uses unique technology to restore hair to its former glory, encouraging hair to lengthen and become stronger and healthier.

The Lowdown
Now admittedly when I was sent the information for the new Thickening Serum I didn’t notice it was for those with thinning hair. What I focused on was how the serum can increase the diameter of your hair so it’s thicker, and fuller. With flat hair this is something that I could certainly do with.

salon science thickening hair serum formula

After washing my hair I applied five pumps of the serum to my hair and spread it from  the roots to the lengths. The serum has a really nice smell, is light and didn’t leave my hair feeling sticky or heavy. There was a slight element of crunchiness that I noticed once my hair had dried.

The next day when I styled my hair I noticed there was a little bit more bounce in the lengths of my hair but not much change in the roots.

Whilst I can’t common on how it may affect thinning hair, the serum smells great, doesn’t leave my hair sticky or heavy and does make my hair a little bigger and bouncy.

I give it 3/5

before and after salon science thickening hair serum