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Sally Hansen is well known for producing top quality nail products, but when it comes to self tanning does she reach the same standard?

On first impressions the product did seem to have a rather odourous smell that made me not so keen on using it. However when I inspected a little closer it seemed just to be the after smell rather then the smell of the product. The tanner comes in a small aerosol can with its use specifically intended for the face.

I was directed to spray all around my face whilst closing my eyes and mouth for a certain amount of time and then quickly rub the product in for the full effect. I did as I was instructed however I did feel the final effect was lacking something. In all honesty I didn’t think I looked any different to how I did before, however it may be because I perhaps did not spray enough product on.

There doesn’t appear to be any after smell which I found quite surprising and at only £1.99 on Direct Cosmetics it’s worth a try. There were no streaks, but there wasn’t much of a tan either.

I’d give it 1/5.



Sally Hansen Air Brush sun is available for £1.99 and other products from the range are available at Direct Cosmetics.