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Sainsbury’s Boutique lipstick range review

sainsbury's boutique lipstick range

What the brand says
Boutique is a high quality cosmetic line exclusive to Sainsbury’s that offers a touch of luxury when doing the supermarket shop. The capsule range which was established in 2013 by makeup artists Jo Saville and Sophia Price has now become established in over 300 stores.

The lipsticks are formulated to last with strong pigmentation and easy application.

The Lowdown
sainsbury's boutique lipstick range swatchesI hadn’t heard of Boutique before, so when I heard about the range through the promotion of National Lipstick Day I was keen to hear more. Supermarket shopping can be boring so I love to spice up my shop with a few treats and makeup is my number one to throw in the trolley. The range has a wide variety of colours with a shade to suit every skin tone. For the purpose of the review I am testing Bed of Roses and Happy As A Clam.

Both of the lipsticks have quite a creamy consistency although Happy As A Clam seemed creamier then Bed of Roses. Bed of Roses is more my shade then Happy As A clam but I will try both as they may look different on.
sainsbury's boutique lipstick range bed of roses swatch
I wasn’t too keen on Bed of Roses initially as it looked such a light pink that it would make me look really pale and washed out. When I applied the lipstick I was pleasantly surprised, it was a really pretty light pink that looked really
pretty on.
sainsbury's boutique lipstick range happy as a clam swatch

Happy As A Clam wasn’t as bright as it appeared on the stick but I really didn’t like it. The lipstick has a really creamy consistency which made it hard to adapt to my lips and it kind of just slid off straight away. It’s very nude and I just don’t think the slightly off orange shade looks right on my natural lip shade.

Both lipsticks felt comfortable to wear but they didn’t have the pleasant vanilla scent a lot of lipsticks have nowadays – instead it was quite a strong chemical aroma.

Bed of Roses dries quite matte and Happy As A Clam seemed to stay very creamy. Both lipsticks lasted a couple of hours before disappearing.

The Boutique range is fairly comfortable to wear but it’s let down by the longevity and consistency of some of the shades – i.e. Happy As A Clam. I did however really like Bed of Roses which looks really nice on. Obviously I haven’t tested all the shades so I can’t say it would be the same for every lipstick. I would also have prefered a nice vanilla scent as this makes them a lot more attractive.

I give the lipsticks 2/5

bed of roses on
Wearing Bed of Roses
boutique lipstick happy as a clam
Wearing Happy As A Clam