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Rimmel Traffic Stopping Shadow in Sharp Turn

The new collection of eyeshadows from Rimmel offer a selection of three eyeshadows in a simple plastic container with a applicator brush. Sharp Turn is a set of blue, black and pink with a guide of 1,2,3 in which you apply each colour.

The order of colours was mapped out clearly with a number representing each colour on the back of the eyeshadow. I applied the light blue to my lid, the black up to my brow arch and the pink near the corner of my eyes.

The blue eyeshadow went on okay but it seemed to fade a little near the corners of my eyes. The black didn’t go on so well and I felt it was a bit smudged which is not a good look. Finally the pink just didn’t really fit in with the palette of colours in my honest opinion. I think perhaps Rimmel could rethink this and keep it to a blue/pink colour palette.

The eyeshadow is quite longlasting and was still in place later in the evening. You can buy this eyeshadow from all good cosmetic drugstores and supermarkets.

Due to the slightly odd mix of colours and a few issues with the black not settling properly I’d give it a 2.5/5