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Rimmel The Only 1 Cheeky Coral Lipstick Review

Rimmel the only 1 cheeky coral lipstick review

What the brand says
Rimmel’s The Only 1 is a lipstick that combines long lasting colour, comfort and moisture to give you a lipstick experience you won’t forget.

The lipstick is currently available in 15 shades.

The Lowdown
I discovered this lipstick when I was doing a little shopping the other week. For the purpose of the review I’m testing Cheeky Coral, a mid shade red. There are quite a lot of nudes in this collection, with a few key girly pink and red shades. I don’t think nude lipsticks really do anything for me and a lot of brands seem to be focusing on them at the moment which is a little disappointing. It comes with a slanted design which Rimmel state is for easier application, although I do prefer the normal bullet shape. It has a slightly artificial tropical smell.

The lipstick felt quite soft on my lips when I applied it but it did take a few swipes to get full coverage. The overall finish is quite a subdued red. It’s not the most long lasting of lipsticks and had completely gone after around 2-3 hours.

The overall finish was quite matte and the colour was quite nice but the longevity was a little disappointing.

I give it 2/5

Grab it for £6.99 at Boots